IDEA Performance Coaching Form Team Member

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Prepare for the coaching session by observing behaviors, list what happened and what the impact is. Look for perspectives of others.


Welcome the individual. Describe his/her behavior, the results, and the impact. Clarify the behavior as a performance issue he/she should stop, start, or continue. Gain commitment to agreed response.


Execute – The action he/she will take as a result of the coaching session. Any resources needed? (collaboration)
Allow team member to make a commitment on how they will change the behavior to drive better results
Provide any commitments here to ensure above commitment from team member is executed


Follow up on the action taken as a result of the coaching session. What was the result? What was learned?
As needed if further instances or violations occur. Provide a date for follow-up to evaluate progress the goal of coaching is to change behaviors. On follow-up date use this as an opportunity to celebrate wins or follow-up with further corrective actions for the team member
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